The power to nurture and support yourself and any child, and navigate any challenge with confidence and ease.


The power to nurture and support yourself and any child, and navigate any challenge with confidence and ease.


I'm a therapeutic coach and educator. Most importantly though, I'm a single mother of three unique young people who all experienced early trauma, one of whom is autistic. I experienced trauma throughout my childhood and most of my adult life too. I've been through most challenges with my children that you can imagine possible!

After struggling for years, feeling like I'd failed as a mother, with nothing working while things kept getting worse, I finally discovered the answers my family needed and everything changed for us.

Things can change and get easier for you too. You don't have to work any of this out yourself, or go through it alone like I had to.


Sian Hill. Creator of Going Beyond The Behaviour™, The 5S Effect™ and the C.A.R.E.S Model™

The key for real lasting change

The body is the source of our power, compassion and resilience. But we can't tune into it's wisdom when we're disconnected from it, let alone trust in it, or our ourselves... which is why parenting can be so challenging.

To navigate the complex challenges we face raising children in the world and times we're living in, we need to increase our capacity for making wise and informed choices, leading with compassion, and taking courageous action, while honouring and respecting everyone's need for safety and belonging, in intense situations.

These are things we cannot do with just our minds. We have to invite our body and nervous system into the conversation.

And when we do, everything changes for both us and our children.

That change starts with understanding what's really going on...

Overcome ANY behaviour challenge with confidence and ease

Get my FREE behaviour guide where you'll discover:

  • A new way of looking at behaviour that changes EVERYTHING... however challenging things are, whatever the diagnosis, or past experiences.
  • The missing piece of the puzzle with behaviour and the foundation for everything.
  • 3 SIMPLE steps to navigate any behaviour challenge with more confidence and ease.

Thank you just doesn’t go far enough! After years looking for answers and struggling, this made so much sense… and REALLY works!! - A.H

"You really are amazing! Your knowledge and support is invaluable and I’m so grateful for everything you’re doing. Wish I’d found you sooner!" - L.R

"I've tried a lot of different things over the years and had pretty much given up hope of things ever changing. Finding Sian and this work changed everything. It's like nothing I've come across before! - I.R

Guidance and support with ANY parenting challenge

In the world and times we're raising children in, we're dealing with many complex challenges.

And many parents are dealing with unique challenges in their lives on top of those ones too!

If you don't know how to navigate one or more of these challenges, or they're too difficult to work through alone, you can feel isolated, afraid, and at the mercy of what's happening.

But it doesn't have to be like that...

With personal support and expert guidance for your unique situation, you can get through anything.

New Generation Toolkit

My foundational, self-paced online course contains the essential education, resources and support all parents and caregivers need to understand, nurture and support themselves and any child, and navigate any behaviour or daily challenges, with confidence and ease.