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Create real lasting change in your life, for your children, and for generations to come.

Education, resources and practical solutions for parents and the professionals who work with them or their children.

Hello there!

I’m Sian, a therapeutic coach and early and complex trauma specialist.

I teach parents how to heal themselves and their children, and provide online learning experiences for all types of people so they can create and hold safer spaces and show up for, support and be with themselves, their children, and the people they care about, in the best possible way.

I’m on a mission to break and heal cycles of trauma so we can create a safer, more compassionate world for our children and generations to come, and turn the tide on domestic abuse.

I really get it.

After suffering early and complex trauma in my childhood, I survived 3 abusive relationships, and have been parenting 3 traumatised children alone for the past 10 years, one of whom is autistic. Through a combination of extensive study, and personal and professional experiences, I created a unique, revolutionary approach that is backed by the lastest neuroscience and is proven by hundreds of case studies. It works for anyone because it’s all about how human beings work, how we develop, and how early trauma disrupts and distorts that, holds us back and keeps us stuck… often unknowingly.


When you understand what’s really going on, the way you look at and respond to everything changes, and opens a door to real lasting change.


When you learn how to tune into your body and nervous system and have support from people who get it, you can truly break free from your past.


With the right education, tools and resources you’ll have more choices and control, can find calm in any chaos, and navigate any challenges with more ease.

Deep understanding holds the key to real lasting change.

Our nervous system and physiology drives everything… our thoughts, feelings, behaviour, relationships and health.

When we understand what’s really going on under the surface, the way we think about, look at and respond to everything changes… and it opens a door to real lasting change.

When we learn how to build capacity to create and hold a safe enough space to express, move through and make sense of feelings, experiences, and ourselves, everything else changes too!

And the good news is ANYONE can do it.


Unique, ground-breaking membership community for mums parenting after abusive or controlling relationships, that gives you everything you need to show up for, support, protect and heal yourself and your children.

6-week online programme that gives you the education, resources and support you need to build self-regulation, and a felt sense of safety so you can heal trauma and create real lasting change in your life, your family, and for your children.

Online programme that helps you understand, navigate and calmly manage trauma driven and triggered behaviour, with effective strategies and solutions that really work, and tools and resources that heal trauma in children.

YOU really are amazing! Your knowledge and support is invaluable and I’m so grateful for everything you’re doing. Wish I’d found you sooner! L.R

Thank you just doesn’t go far enough! After years looking for answers and struggling, this made so much sense… and it REALLY works!! A.H