Empowering parents to raise empowered kids

Education, resources and support that make a real difference, really work, and create real lasting change in your family.

… even if you’ve tried anything and everything!

Understanding holds the key to real lasting change

When we understand what’s REALLY going on under the surface for us and our children, the way we look at, think about, and relate to everything changes… and it opens a door to lasting change and real healing.

The key is understanding and working with the nervous system, as that’s what drives everything we think, feel, say, do and experience.

I REALLY get it.

I’m a therapeutic coach, educator, and relational trauma specialist. I teach parents how to work with the nervous system so they can support, nurture and heal themselves and their children, and break generational cycles of trauma.

More importantly, I’m a single mama of three young people.

I don’t want you and your children to go through the pain, heartbreak and suffering my kids and I did… especially when you don’t have to.

I’ve done all the hard work for you so your journey can be quicker and easier than mine.

After suffering trauma throughout my childhood, I survived 3 abusive relationships, and for the past 10 years I’ve been parenting 3 traumatised children alone, one of whom is autistic. I struggled for years on my own, trying anything and everything, but nothing worked. And the people and professionals around me didn’t understand.

But then I discovered the key to lasting change and parenting and everything changed for me and my children. Since then it’s changed the lives of countless other families… and it can change everything for you, your family, and children too.

Thank you just doesn’t go far enough! After years looking for answers and struggling, this made so much sense… and it REALLY works!! A.H

YOU really are amazing! Your knowledge and support is invaluable and I’m so grateful for everything you’re doing. Wish I’d found you sooner! L.R


Start understanding what’s really going for you and your children, so you can show up for, be with and support you and them in the best possible way…. and can start creating real lasting change in your life and family today.

You’ll feel more empowered as a parent in just a few hours with this ground-breaking video series. You’ll learn about the missing pieces of the parenting puzzle that changes everything for you and your kids.

30-day self-study online course that teaches you the foundations for understanding, tuning into and befriending your nervous system so you can create real lasting change in your life and for your children. It’s the foundation for everything!