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Changing the way people think about, look at, and respond to trauma, human behaviour, and domestic abuse

Are you feeling stuck, anxious or overwhelmed?

Have you tried anything and everything but are still struggling?

Are you fed up of people not understanding and life being exhausting?

Do you want to be able to show up for, be with and support yourself and the children and people you care about in the best possible way?

With the right education, resources and support, everyone has the power to create real lasting change in their life and in their families and break free from the effects of past trauma, so they can live a fulfilling life and be, love and trust themself.

Deep understanding holds the key to real lasting change.

Our physiology and nervous system drives everything… our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, behaviours and health.

When we understand what’s really going on underneath the surface, the way we look at and respond to everything changes, and it opens a door to real lasting change.

When we then learn how to attune to ourselves and others, create a safe enough space to express, move through and make sense of feelings and experiences, and truly and deeply connect to ourselves, others and the world around us, everything else changes too!

Real lasting change is possible… and it’s possible for anyone.

I truly care about you and your children… and I get it.

I know how tough life can be after trauma, even years later… especially when you have children.

I know what it’s like when the people (and professionals) around you don’t understand.

And I know how difficult it can be to find the honest answers and practical support you need.. and solutions that actually work!

You don’t have to work any of this out on your own like it did. 

I wish I’d been able to access all this at every stage of my journey, both as a parent and as a professional. 

YOU really are amazing! Your knowledge and support is invaluable and I’m so grateful for everything you’re doing. Wish I’d found you sooner! L.R

Thank you just doesn’t go far enough! After years looking for answers and struggling, this made so much sense… and it REALLY works!! A.H


When you understand what’s really going on underneath everything, the way you look at and respond to everything changes, and it opens a door to real lasting change.


Tune into your body and nervous system so you can break free from your past and live, work and parent with more ease… and get support from people who really get it.


Ground-breaking tools and resources to find calm in any chaos, navigate any challenges with more ease, and heal trauma at the deepest level.


Unique, ground-breaking membership community for mums parenting after abusive or controlling relationships, that gives you everything you need to show up for, support and heal yourself and your children.

6-week online programme that gives you everything you need to become trauma informed at the deepest level, befriend, tune into and listen to your body and nervous system, and build a foundational level of regulation.

Online programme that offers a deep understanding of trauma driven and triggered behaviour, tools and resources to create and hold safer spaces for children, and effective strategies and solutions that really work.


Hi, I’m Sian. Therapeutic coach and single mum of 3 young people and a spaniel living in Cornwall UK. After experiencing abuse most of my life, I struggled to manage the impact of abuse on me and my kids, and nothing I tried worked in the short or long term.

I went in search of answers and after lots of studying and training, I discovered the key to real lasting change… then everything changed for me and my children in ways I didn’t imagine possible before.

Now I use everything I’ve learnt, from my own experiences, lots of training and working with hundreds of people, to educate, inspire, and empower parents and professionals, bring hope of a brighter future, and create a safer more compassionate world for our children and generations to come, and turn the tide on domestic abuse.