All human beings need a safe environment to learn, grow and thrive.

Where they experience a felt sense of safety. Where they feel seen, heard and understood. Where they are supported and accepted unconditionally. Where they are fully and freely able to be and express themselves across the whole range of human experiences. Where they have a felt sense of belonging.

All human beings need to be able to trust that their environment and relationships will provide ALL of these things consistently enough.

And all human beings deserve, and have the right to have all of these things… whatever they are experiencing, however they are behaving."

– Sian Hill

“The whole world needs you and this work” – L.G (parent and social worker)

The time has come for real lasting change

... and it’s needed now more than ever before.

We need to understand what’s REALLY going on for us and our children, and how the nervous system drives, shapes and influences everything in our bodies, minds and lives.

We need to learn how to embody SAFETY so we can become a safe, attuned and trusting presence for our children - and ourselves.

We need to learn how to lead with true COMPASSION and meet our children and others where they are - not where we, others or society want or expect them to be, and without trying to fix, change or control them or their experiences. And we need to meet ourselves where we are first to be able to do this.

If we truly want to create real LASTING change in our lives and families, for our children, and in our world, these are the 3 essential things we need to focus our attention on first and foremost.

Otherwise we're just skimming over the surface and putting a plaster on the real problem, and things either don't work or get worse over time, often without us realising.

Sian Hill is a therapeutic coach, educator, and nervous system and relational trauma specialist, who works with people all over the world through online workshops, courses and communities.

Sian teaches parents, caregivers and professionals how to tune into the power, wisdom of their nervous system and body so they can understand, nurture and support themselves and any child they're raising, caring for or working with, and navigate any challenges with confidence and ease... whatever the situation, past experiences, or diagnosis.

She breaks down neuroscience in a way that’s easy for anyone to understand, and her simple, proven framework makes a real difference and creates lasting change.

Sian's unique, revolutionary and holistic approach is grounded in cutting edge neuroscience. She brings unique insights, deep understanding and a wealth of knowledge from extensive training and experience.

Her most valuable insights and knowledge come from her personal, lived experiences though.

Sian is a mother to three young people who all experienced early and chronic trauma, one of whom is autistic, and has been parenting alone for the last 11 years. She also experienced trauma throughout her childhood herself, as well as trauma and abuse as an adult. She has insights from many different perspectives: the child she once was, her children, the parent, the professional, and the person.

She deeply understands the very real and complex challenges parents, children and families face, the difficult positions they are often in, and how they are so often deeply misunderstood, traumatised, and retraumatised.

Sian is passionate about the profound need for a paradigm shift that moves us away from the old, outdated and traumatising perspectives of controlling, changing, fixing, treating and preventing behaviour, emotions and experiences, towards a culture of leading with compassion, where all children and people feel safe, seen and valued and can fully and freely be and express themselves, and everyone’s unique experiences and needs are understood and accepted.

After beginning her journey as a parent to children with unique needs, unintentionally and unknowingly traumatising them, then her family suffering deep heartache and pain, she discovered the missing links for becoming and raising a healthy human being, and everything started changing for her and her children.

Her passion is empowering parents and caregivers to understand, attune to and support themselves and their children, and create the safe, nurturing and nourishing environments they need to truly thrive, and supporting them throughout their journey.... whatever has happened in the past, whatever life looks like now, and whatever situation they find themselves in.

This has become Sian's life work. Her mission is to create a safer, more compassionate, trauma informed world where all human beings belong and are seen, valued, and accepted, whatever they are experiencing, however they are behaving, whoever they uniquely are.