“All human beings need and deserve to feel seen, heard and understood, and to be loved, supported and accepted unconditionally for who they truly are and their unique differences… whatever they are experiencing, and however they are behaving.

And all human beings need and deserve to have a safe and nurturing environment around them so they can learn, grow and thrive.

– Sian Hill

“The whole world needs you and this work” – L.G

The time has come for real lasting change

And it’s needed now more than ever before.

We need to lead with COMPASSION…

We need to understand what’s REALLY going on below the surface – how our nervous system drives everything and our biology shapes our experiences. 

We need to meet our children and others where THEY are with love, care and compassion –  not where we want them to be… and without trying to change them or their experiences.

We need to meet ourselves where WE are with love, care and compassion too – not where others want us to be – which is essential for us to meet others where they are.

And we need to AWAKEN to the reality of how trauma impacts all of us and our lives. 

So we can create real lasting change in our lives, for our families, and for our children.

… and in our world and for generations to come. 

Sian Hill is a therapeutic coach, nervous system specialist, and early and relational trauma expert

…who works with people all over the world through online workshops, courses, and memberships.

Sian teaches parents and caregivers how to work with the nervous system, so they can understand, support and nurture and heal themselves and their children at the deepest level, break cycles of generational trauma, and the whole family can truly thrive.

She also provides education, training, and trauma and abuse informed solutions for all kinds of professionals…. which includes teachers, schools, social workers, health professionals, doctors, psychologists, therapists, counsellors and solicitors.

Sian breaks down neuroscience in a way that’s easy for anyone to understand, and her proven frameworks make a real difference, create lasting change, and bring true empowerment, freedom and healing.

Her work is an unique, revolutionary and holistic approach, grounded in Polyvagal theory, cutting edge neuroscience, and the most recent understandings of trauma. She brings unique insights, deep understanding, and a wealth of knowledge from extensive training and study, and from a combination of both professional and personal experience.

Her most valuable insights, knowledge and understanding comes from her lived experience.

Sian suffered trauma throughout her childhood, survived three abusive relationships as an adult, and is a mother to three young people who all suffered early and ongoing trauma, one of whom is autistic, and has been parenting them alone for the last 10 years. She has unique insights from many different perspectives: the child she once was, her children, the parent, the professional, the family member, the friend and the person.

She deeply understands the very real challenges parents, children and families face, the difficult positions they are often in, and how they are so often deeply misunderstood, traumatised, and retraumatised.

Sian is passionate about the profound need for a paradigm shift that moves us away from the old, outdated and traumatising perspectives of controlling, changing, fixing, treating and preventing behaviour, emotions, experiences, and symptoms, towards a culture of leading with compassion, where all children and people are valued, and everyone’s unique differences and individual experiences are acknowledged, embraced, and accepted.

After beginning her journey as a parent to children with unique needs and differences, unintentionally and unknowingly traumatising them, then her family suffering deep heartache and pain, she discovered the missing link for everything, and everything changed for her and her children.

Her passion is empowering parents to raise empowered kids, creating safe and nurturing environments around them, and supporting families to truly thrive. Whatever has happened in the past, whatever life looks like for them right now, and whatever situation they find themselves in.

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