Hi, I’m Sian

I’m a therapeutic coach and single mum of 3 young people and a spaniel, living in Cornwall UK. After experiencing abuse most of my life, I struggled to manage the impact of abuse on me and my kids… and nothing I tried worked in the short or long term.

I went in search of answers and discovered the key to healing… and that’s when my life and my children’s lives started really changing.

Now I use everything I’ve learnt, from my own experiences, lots of training and working with hundreds of survivors, to inspire, empower and support mums just like me and you.

It’s an honour and privilege to walk alongside these amazing women on their healing journey.

Together we’re turning the tide on domestic abuse.

I give you the key to lasting change and true freedom.

Freedom to be yourself in a world that wants you to be something other than who you truly are.

Freedom from the toxic effects of abuse, PTSD, CPTSD and chronic health problems.

Freedom to live a fulfilling and rewarding life you truly love.

And so you can give your children the most beautiful gift a parent can… a brighter future. 


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