The Parenting Revolution with Sian Hill

Feel more empowered as a parent in just a few hours.

Learn what’s really going on below the surface for you and your children

… discover how to create real lasting change in your family.

… and get the missing link for raising happy, healthy and resilient kids.

Parenting is the most important – and hardest – job in the world

We all love our kids and work hard to meet their needs and support them so they can learn, grow and thrive.

And we all know the frustration, anxiety and helplessness that comes when the things we’re doing aren’t working, we don’t know what to do to help and support our kids, or when we don’t understand what’s going on for them.

The GOOD news is that it doesn’t HAVE to be like this…

Understanding what’s REALLY going on below the surface holds the key to real lasting change in your family… and both you and your children truly thriving.

… even if you’ve tried anything and everything!

This is stuff ALL parents need to know, but no-one’s told you about yet.

Not knowing this stuff disempowers parents and keeps them stuck, stressed, and struggling, through no fault of their own.

And it’s even more important if you and/or your your children’s behaviour is really challenging, you and/or your children have suffered trauma, or your child is autistic. .

That’s why I created this ground-breaking series.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to look at parenting in a new and simpler way
  • The missing piece of the puzzle with behaviour
  • The missing link that changes everything for you and your kids
  • Leading with compassion and meeting your kids where they are
  • How to create real lasting change in your family and for your children.

What you’ll get:

Over 4 hours of video recordings from this live training series, in bite-size and easy to digest chunks – so watching or re-watching the parts that are most important to you and useful is really easy!

You‘ll also get the recordings from the Q&A session as a bonus too.


All for just £27!

This has been life-changing! Thank you doesn’t go far enough!!! Only wish I’d found you sooner! 


It’s the what and why, but most importantly the how… taught be someone who really gets it!

This was absolutely amazing! Best training I’ve ever attended… just wish I’d met you sooner!!

This was so easy to understand!! I feel so much more confident in being able to parent my son now!

We’re all parenting through stressful, challenging and traumatic times

For many people, parenting was already challenging… and let’s face it, parenting can be challenging enough at the best of times, without a pandemic added into the mix!

And you might be facing more or different challenges now than you were before.

Our children are facing more challenges too… but children aren’t adults.

They see, experience and process the world differently to us.

And as the adults, it’s our job to help them navigate and make sense of the world, their experiences and themselves… but sometimes WE need help making sense of things too!

Parenting is a lot simpler than most people realise

And when you start seeing it this way, you’ll find that parenting can be much easier and less stressful.

Finding it hard to believe me? 

Join me for this series and you’ll soon discover that it’s true.

I’ll also show you the simple steps to navigating and overcoming any challenges with your kids more easily (however difficult) that changed everything in my family, as has for countless others since.

You may be asking yourself why I’m doing this.

Because I’m fed up of seeing so many parents struggle through no fault of their own.

Because we’re living through uncertain times and this stuff is even more important now than ever before… and parents and children are facing more challenges than ever before.

And because when parents struggle, children do too.

If you want to: 

Feel more confident and empowered as a parent

Know how to support your children (and yourself) through any challenge 

Enjoy parenting again (or for the first time)

Help your children (and you) develop resilience and regulation

Create real lasting change in your life, in your family, and for your children

You need to watch this ground-breaking series!

I was brought up thinking that parenting was all about controlling children, behaviour and emotions, that threats, punishments and rewards were normal and acceptable and what children “needed to learn”, and that “good girls and boys” complied with whatever was asked of them and were “seen and not heard”.

It’s part of the society and culture I grew up in, so when I became a parent, that’s how I approached things too, even though it didn’t feel right to me. I really struggled and my children did too. I loved my kids so much and I wanted to show up differently for them, but I didn’t know how to help and support them in the best way and felt ashamed at the way I was parenting… especially when things were hard (which they often were).

Over time, I discovered that there IS a way of parenting that meant my children felt seen, heard and understood at the deepest level, where I could repair things that happened before I knew differently (and the damage caused by other people), and could also rewire and heal my own childhood and conditioning at the same time, so both my children and I could truly thrive… even in stressful, challenging and traumatic times.

I realised that I wasn’t a “bad parent” and hadn’t failed my kids, that I was doing the best I could with the resources I had. That all my struggles came from not learning the most important skill I needed as a child, and that was also the key to feeling confident, secure and at ease within myself, in everyday life, and with my children. And that my children’s struggles all came from one thing that’s essential for learning that important skill too!

Whilst I was learning and discovering these new ways of living, parenting, and healing trauma, I was working with parents who were experiencing a wide range of challenges… within themselves and their lives, relationships and health… with parenting and their children… and as a result of other people (and professionals) around them. I started sharing these new concepts with them and quickly realised that this new way was something special.

I discovered that this is the way we’re designed to parent, but it’s been conditioned out of us.

I saw how hungry people were for this new way of understanding, supporting and nurturing children and themselves, that didn’t just create real lasting change in families, but also “future proofed” kids too. Parents and professionals have been deeply grateful for training that showed them this new way of looking at behaviour, emotions, needs, child development and trauma, even before they’d started implementing anything and seeing changes! So I’m really excited to be sharing and teaching the same principles, concepts and proven framework with you.

How we show up for ourselves and our children matters. I know that it matters to you too.

Not knowing this stuff is disempowering for parents and children, and it pisses me off that most parents don’t know this stuff yet, through no fault of their own. I also don’t want other parents and children to go through the pain, suffering and heartache my kids and I endured as a result of not knowing this stuff sooner… especially when they don’t have to.

So I decided to put this out there in a way I never have before… and I truly hope that you’ll join us and become part of our revolution.

Sian Hill. Therapeutic coach and creator of Going Beyond The Behaviour, The 5S Effect, and the C.A.R.E.S framework