Understand trauma and how it impacts children’s needs, development and behaviour, and how to support them, nurture healing, and repair the effects of trauma.

3 hour recording of a live online workshop, available in both video and audio format for only £17.

Understanding holds the key to real lasting change

Understand what trauma really is and how it impacts children and their development, and how it shapes their future if unresolved.

Understand trauma driven and triggered behaviour and what’s really going on for your child underneath the surface.

Understand how to support, nurture children so healing can happen and they can grow up happy, resilient and empowered.

Neuroscience and research has come a long way in recent years, and has transformed the way we understand and heal trauma. 

Everything you will learn in this workshop is backed by polyvagal theory and the latest neuroscience, and is proven by hundreds of case studies.

What you’ll learn: 

The focus of this workshop is understanding what’s going on for children who have suffered trauma, looking at them, their needs and behaviour through a nervous system and somatic lens, and learning what is needed for healing to happen.

The intention is for you to have a deeper understanding of how trauma impacts children and their behaviour, and what is needed for them to heal… which is the first step in creating real lasting change – both for them and for you.

We’ll be covering:

  • What trauma really is and the different types of trauma
  • Stress and trauma driven and triggered behaviour
  • The legacy of early trauma and it often goes unnoticed
  • How parents can heal past trauma and repair the impact it has on their children, their lives and their future
  • The 5 pillars of parenting traumatised children.

You’ll also discover the key to preventing compassion fatigue and burnout, which are common, yet avoidable problems for parents and carers.

You explain things so well! Makes so make sense!


Your training was so much more than just a learning experience!


This was so easy to understand and I really get it now!!



Sian Hill is a therapeutic coach, nervous system and somatic educator, and relational trauma specialist, who teaches parents how to heal themselves and their children and break cycles of trauma. She also provides online learning experiences for professionals in trauma and abuse informed practises. 

As someone who experienced childhood trauma herself, has studied and trained extensively, and more importantly has parented 3 traumatised young people alone for the past 10 years, one of whom is autistic, Sian brings unique insights and a deep understanding from a combination of her personal and professional experiences.